We provide compassionate and gentle care for those pets near the end of their journey.  Dr. Arp has earned a special certification in Hospice and Palliative Care, and this is an area which she is especially passionate about.  End of life care is so very important to ensure that our much loved furry family members do not suffer quietly, without pain and symptom management they need. When the time has come that they can go no further, staying in the comfort and familiarity of home, with family close by can make all the difference between a fear- filled, stressful last good bye, and a peaceful passing.

Dr. Arp will make the comfort and relaxation of your pet the focus of her attention, and will do all she can to help make a very difficult situation a little bit less scary for your pet, and your family.





If your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic or life limiting condition, from cancer to osteoarthritis, or if you are not sure how good your aging or ill pet's quality of life is, please reach out to us for help. Dr. Arp is passionate about senior pet care, and has a special certification in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care. These are typical 60-90 minute visits, but she will spend all the time that you need to navigate this difficult journey. During these visits, she will listen to all of your questions and concerns, discuss your goals for your pet, and even help you find ways to make changes around your house help your pet enjoy their life the most. A plan of medical management of your pet's symptoms will be developed, and you will have ongoing support as you and your pet move through this phase of life.


When a pet has reached the end stage of life, and their struggles are too much, pet parents face the toughest decision. No matter the circumstances, it is a time of stress and of sadness. Dr. Arp brings compassionate, peaceful care to your pet, in the comfort and security of their home environment, even at the end of their lives. Gentle sedation given in a familiar and comfortable home setting helps ease their transition through a peaceful passing. Being in the home setting allows her to spend as much time as the family needs, and lets families grieve and say good bye in privacy.


Cats, dogs less than 20 lbs $200.00

Dogs over 20lbs, less than 100lbs $275.00

Dogs over 100lbs $350.00

Clay paw print and/or lock of fur at no charge

For more information on the hospice/euthanasia/end of life care provided by Dr. Arp, please see baycreekhospicevet.com


  We work closely with Paws Whiskers and Wags.  They are a crematory dedicated to the gentle and respectful care of pets, and their families.  They have even provided care for Dr. Arp's own beloved pets over the years.  Their compassion and attention to detail is second to none.

We are able to arrange transport to their facilities in Covington or Decatur,  or to another company of your choosing.

Transport to crematorium/cemetery $50.00

Communal Cremation (no ashes returned) $75.00  (including transport)

Private Cremation

Fees paid to crematorium, vary with size. For more info, see pawswhiskersandwags.com

What our customers are saying

“My first experience with Dr. Arp was when she came to my mother-in-law’s house to help her dog (Bonkers) pass-away peacefully. While it was hard on the family, Dr. Arp made the process easy by comforting Bonkers and my MIL... I can’t say enough good things about her excellent veterinary skills and the amazing rapport she has with each animal and human.”

Amy Motteram

"Dr. Arp's service was invaluable to our family. Having a beloved pet put to sleep is such a hard thing to go through. Recently she helped us when it came time to put our poodle to sleep. She was 16 years old seizures and pain. I called and Dr. Arp came over. She discussed some options for possibly keeping our dog comfortable for a while longer. It was nice to have someone to talk to and to have choices. After considering what was best we decided to have her put to sleep. I had gated her in our large master bathroom and master closet to keep her safe and separate from our other pets. Dr. Arp did not mind at all when I asked her to come where our pet was so I didn't have to bring her out of her safe/familiar area. Dr. Arp, myself and my husband all were seated in he master closet where our dog was and Dr. Arp began her work. She made sure everything was done with the utmost care. I have had pets put to sleep at the vets office over the years but being able to to be home where it is private and where our pet was not scared means so much to me. I am very grateful to have her to call on."

Lori Welden

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